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Re: tomcat or jserv for sparc

On Sun, Jun 25, 2000 at 10:00:58PM -0500, John F. Davis wrote:

> There is a gnujsp deb in potato contrib, but there is not a jserv deb.

It seems that the auto builders don't build contrib. gnujsp is
architecture independent, i.e. tha package built by me is also available
for sparc, but JServ includes and architecuture dependent Apache module.

> In woody, there is a jserv src deb, but it depends upon jsdk 2.0 which
> is from Sun.

JServ includes free (LGPL) servlet classes so it does not depend on
JSDK 2.0 from Sun. However, it build depends on JDK1.1 which is AFAIK
not available for sparc.

You can try to build the package using kaffe or just compile the Apache
module from the source package and take /usr/share/java/gnujsp.jar from
the i386 package.

Stefan Gybas

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