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Re: serial port io

brad gray <brad@partnersoft.com> writes:

> does anyone know how to open a serial port in java ?
> i realize that there is a javax.comm package,  but no linux port...
> just wondering if anyone has done this before i start learing some
> JPython, etc...

Mark Wielaard <mark@klomp.org> writes:

> I have never tried it seems that RXTX <http://www.rxtx.org/> would be usefull.
> >From the Intro page:
> RXTX is a native lib providing serial and parallel communication for the Java
> Development Toolkit (JDK). All deliverables are under the gnu LGPL license.

It works. And it is available as a Debian package. I've used it
successfully to communicate with other PCs over the serial line via a
null modem cable (linux and win*) and to drive an industrial
printer. It is possible to use the same Java code.


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