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Re: Problem with jserv

Ottavio Campana wrote:

> I just installed debian  on a pc and I put the jdk  and the jserv on it.
> If I  try now to  request the Hello  servlet apache returns  an internal
> error. How  is it  possible?

I don't know, I did 3 Debian potato installations with jserv in the past
2 weeks and had no problems with jserv.

> I've  tried to look the error log but it is empty (I even suspect that
> the jserv is not running....)

It seems that jserv is indeed not running if you get an internal server
error from Apache. Try "telnet 0 8007" and see if you get a connection,
if you get "Connection refused" the jserv is not running on your local

Stefan Gybas

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