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Re: irc mechanism ..

* Fadly <fadly@pinguin.stttelkom.ac.id> [000424 20:20]:
> i'm sorry if for posting this stupid question ..
> Actually i plan to make an irc client using java
> but any sample programs that came to me using applet+servlet ..
> all i wanna build is just an irc client which will connect to
> irc server using java applet (without server) ..

Fadly, your best bet for finding information on the irc stuff is
probably reading ircii source code. Perhaps there are RFCs for irc, it
would make sense for there to be such things.

However, I would suggest a java application instead of java applet --
the security sandboxes in most common web browsers would prevent the
applet from connecting to random servers unless the applet came from the
server to which the user wishes to connect. An application has no such


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