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Re: byteorder of java objects

Hi Seth
>I wasn't planning on blazing new territory. :)
That's too bad. We can always have more trailblazers ;)

>I just want to know if an object encrypted in one VM can be decrypted
>and used in another VM, which is probably over the network.
That should work IMHO. The byte order is defined to be big-endian on all
It is something else if you communicate with a C program (or
somethinglikethat) over the network. In that case I guess you would need to
make sure the C program uses big-endian order (as in all situations, not
necessarily crypto).
I'm not involved in developing any VM so I can't guarantee anything, but
according to "Java I/O" published by O'Reilly I can safely assure that the
byteorder is big-endian. (Check out the authors page, Cafe au Lait:

>Thanks for your concern. :)
You're welcome B{)=

Ólafur Freyr Hjálmsson - oli_freyr@post.com
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