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Re: byteorder of java objects

* tschmid@USU.DE <tschmid@USU.DE> [000403 03:27]:
> > Or, should I perhaps be more interested in coming up with a stream
> > cipher that I could use in conjunction with the java streams?
> Sounds like you don't have much experience in the crypto field. Given that,
> you should NOT try to invent an algorithm for production systems.

Absolutely correct -- I am not inventing anything. I am getting all my
algorithms from Schneier. I haven't decided yet if I want to do a
public-key system to use coin-flipping to build a session key for a
symmetric cipher, or if I want to use hashes for the coin-flipping.

I wasn't planning on blazing new territory. :)

I just want to know if an object encrypted in one VM can be decrypted
and used in another VM, which is probably over the network.

Thanks for your concern. :)

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