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Re: Latest version of the Debian/JAVA FAQ

>>>>> "Javier" == Javier Fdz-Sanguino Pen~a <jfs@ieeesb.etsit.upm.es> writes:

Javier>      Gcj can also compile .java to .class. It currently does
Javier>      not handle inner classes, but that is being actively
Javier>      worked on.

The current cvs version of gcj handles all JDK 1.1 constructs,
including inner classes.

Javier>      Also many editors (jed, elvis, vim, emacs, fte,
Javier>      xcoral,zed ....) have support for Java sintax.

Typo: you meant "syntax".

Javier>      You might not be able to use gcj since it fails on many
Javier>      Java constructs, so you cannot compile the program
Javier>      directly.

No longer true.


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