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Sun's Community Licence (Was: Various issues: kaffe, compilers, freeness, etc.

On Tuesday 27 July 1999, at 8 h 43, the keyboard of "Ean R . Schuessler" 
<ean@novare.net> wrote:

> continue our efforts in the face of the SCSL. I have read the SCSL
> quite carefully and I can tell you that it is utterly incompatible
> with any notion of free software. 


> - A total ban on SCSL code. The license is simply too dangerous to
>   include in the Debian distribution, even under non-free.

Could you elaborate on that?
> - We must cease to use the name "Java" in any way. It is a trademark,
>   not a standard and we endanger ourselves by using it anywhere in our
>   distribution. Sun can compel us to stop using it and if it is part 

This is something I've often heard from the Perl or Python folks. If it is 
true, and if there isn't an acceptable alternative (Tea?), we're in deep 


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