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Servlets, was Re: Various issues: kaffe, compilers, freeness, etc.

"Ean R . Schuessler" wrote:

> Firstly, I'd like to address the notion that you can't do anything
> useful without commercial Java on your system. This seems patently
> false. For instance, it is perfectly possible to run Servlets under
> Apache without using one lick of Java code. Servlets are arguably one
> of the areas where Java has achieved a great deal of acceptance.

I just checked kaffe-snap from 25-Jul-1999 and all vital functions in
servlet.jar just throw a kaffe.util.NotImplemented exception. I tried to
make Apache-JServ work with kaffe (or at least servlet.jar from kaffe
with Sun´s JDK - so the user doesn´t have to download jsdk.jar from Sun)
when I took over maintenance from Phil Hands in May 1999 but failed. :-(

Could you please tell me how to get servlets working without a non-free
Java implementation? Whenever someone asked, I always recommended IBM´s
JDK port which is even faster than Blackdown´s JDK with TYA.

Stefan Gybas

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