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Re: Bug#746658: Package: installation-reports

Dear Mr. Cyril Brulebios;
CC: Yamane-san

My name is Shigeru Oyama, and I listed 746658 on 2nd May.
You and Mr.Yamane suggested me to see syslog file, and I checked it.
I found the last part of the file was a question, asking if "linux-image-3.2.0-4-amd64 dpkg" should be installed or not in Japanese. It said also answer "Yes" or "No", so I understand the reason of stopping installation might be not answering to this question.

I tried to answer this question to proceed the installation process of Debian 7.5.0, and I typed "Yes" after this question came out at tty4, but nothing had been started after this.

I listed this issue at the forum, 'It always stuck at the "Select and Install Software" step ', but could not get any clear solutions yet.
I really need to install newdebian to re-built our system ASAP, could you be kind to give me suggestion how to exit this problem?

Thank you.

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