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OpenBSD runs on multiple architectures, are they really going to provide a customised blob for your SPARC machine?

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By using this web site, you agree to be bound by any such revisions and
should therefore periodically visit this page to determine the then
current terms to which you are bound. This is kind of sad since I still
have a lot of respect for most FreeBSD developers. However, the
reception has been quite positive.
Yet almost all of our donations really do come from individuals,
andalmost none from companies using our software.
Jason noted that it took just one small patch, then "it just worked.
Since I've never used the forcedeth driver, I can't comment on the
drivers respective performance or stability. "  Hence the request for
beta testers to help track down these misbehaving applications. htmlThe
demo and the source code can be seen at the bottom of the blog posting.
I had the same problem and it was a service that was running with an old
That is the compromise that is being made in their community and, in
practical terms, it differs very little from simply including the blobs.
comSo let's win back the rights to run the hardware we purchased.
About half of the code is a framework to permit RAID controllerdrivers
to do the right thing. To some of you, this will sound like what the
Electric Fence toolkitused to be for. But of course, noone in Taiwan
By the C standard specs,referring to freed memory or outside allocated
areas results inundefined behaviour. But what am I talking about?
If Intel and Broadcom would give their firmware out so that we could
include it, the users would benefit.
This is our first post.
The Linux camp has the most power, by far of any of the OSS sectors, yet
they don't appear to be exercising that power at all, let alone enough
to make any change for the better. But normally this has been because
the earlier refusal came from the wrong place inside the company.
Current StatusMost of the main devices are working, such as the internal
disk drive, networking, audio, and the real time clock.
They're getting a big benefit from OpenBSD and have a vested interest in
seeing in continue.
In this latest interview, Theo examines the past five years of OpenBSD
This release will bring a lot of new ideas from us. Damien has already
written drivers that makethe devices work quite well. Think about it
before you answer. Also, when you find a bug in one driver, you can
easily search for the same bug pattern in other drivers and fix it if
Not only will it create a support and logistics nightmare to build,
requiring crosscompilers for several architectures. Now the vendors have
gone and created devices which can sometimes do that. First, I want to
pick a drive that I am goingto unplug, to mimic a failure. comSubmit and
kick for new stories from all around the world.
Did you check it with another user in that box? "  His plea went out to
the larger companies, "financially we are under strain, and it is not
letting us grow any of our bigger plans. Am I justified in my concern?
Most of our user community increases their use of the FTP servers,while
we naturally sell fewer CDs. This will help, but not much.
Lastly, the whole POINT of using the BSD license is to allow peopleto
use and distribute the code without giving anything back.
The minute we are able to support another wireless device, we
immediately ship the driver. Applications over-read memory all thetime,
go 1 byte too far, read 1 byte too early, access memory after free,etc
etc etc.
Blobs are absolutely unacceptable.
In certain fields of operation, such as ethernet or i2c, devices which
lack documentation are rare. He goes on to add that for this reason all
the different OpenBSD architectures are built on their own architecture,
and that this policy often catches bugs that could otherwise be missed.
Secondly, what do you think OpenSSH is compiled with, eh?
Like I said plenty times before, we need a hardware recommendation
website that serves as a central platform for
known-to-be-Linux-compatible hardware. That's a very significant market
So go ahead, lethim know how you feel about this.

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