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Unicode text editor mined 2000.13.2


                            mined 2000.13.2
                              (Dec 2006)

Mined is a powerful text editor with a comprehensive yet concise and 
easy-to-use user interface supporting modern interaction paradigms, 
and fast, small-footprint behaviour.

More information (with screenshots, overview and change log) 
and download are available from the mined web site at


Mined 2000.13.2 is a maintenance release with enhancements in
* character input support
* interoperability

Major enhancements in release 2000.13:

Documentation enhancements:
* Revised manual structure, featuring more comprehensive new 
  chapters on
  * Structured editing support
  * Character handling support
  * Language support

Character encoding support enhancements:
* Auto-detection and explicit selection of UTF-16 with 
  and without BOM (big endian and little endian).
* Updated to Unicode 5.0.0 (final, from beta2 in 2000.12).

Character input support enhancements:
* Added support for multiple accented character input.
* Additional accent prefix keys for most frequent accents of all 
  Latin-based languages (macron, breve, dot above, ogonek, caron, stroke).
* Added support for convenient combining character input with accent prefix keys.
* Added support for convenient quotation marks input with accent prefix keys.
* Support for Greek (monotonic and polytonic).
* Support for Cyrillic accented characters.

Interactive enhancements:
* Revised menu structure to be more intuitive.
* Improved menu handling system.

Interoperability enhancements:
* Making use of xterm 216 mode which provides detection of 
  Alt-/Control-modified digits and punctuation keys.
* Improved support for some legacy terminals.

File handling enhancements:
* Consistent setting of file access modes when cloning a file 
  or creating a new file with executable permission.

Thomas Wolff

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