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Accessing the nakaguro glyph.

Dear all,

I do not know if it is a keymap problem or an Anthy problem. I am not
able to access the nakaguro (・) glyph by simply pressing its key. I get
a slash bar instead, and it is impossible to turn it into a black
point. Therefore I have to input なかぐろ and press the space bar, which
is not very convenient.

I saw that Fedora includes a patch to allow input of the nakaguro
through the slash bar, but I am wondering if it is the best solution to
fix the problem: shouldn't the nakaguro be printed directly when
pressing the /|?|め|・ key? Then it would behave as its neighbours,
which print the rightmost glyph if pressed when Anthy is in the
hiragana/romaji mode.

PS: An example of patch


Due to encoding issues, I am not able to test it by myself... But I
would be pleased if somebody would send me a patched file.

Have a nice weekend,

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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