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Re: How to Icecast streaming

一 。 wrote:
> Dear all,
> Hello, This is Junichi Takada.
> My PC environment is Linux of Devian sarge3.1 . And it installed
> apache2.0, Icecast2.0, and DarwinStreamingServer5.5 Icecast used port
> 8000, DSS used port 9000 and 554.
> Now, I attached mp3s link on my web site. And when other client PC
> clicked it's link address, mp3 as meta file remains in it's cache. About
> account, Web dir account and StreamingServer account ( Icecast and DSS
> is the same account) are divided. And I'm putting the mp3 file on
> Icecast Server one by one. is there how to streaming other protcol.
> Now, most important problem can down load anyone my mp3 files as meta file.
> So, please tell me how to it.
> Best Regard J.Takada

I do not know if this will help, but here are my notes for setting
up an Icecast server w/Ices for ogg files.  ところで日本語も大丈夫です。

Notes for Icecast w/Ices.

Programs to compile/install: icecast & ices
Dependencies: libcurl, libshout2, libogg, libvorbis, libtheora

Note: Must port forward (port 8000 to local IP) if running through

Create user 'ice'.
Create a new group called 'icegrp' and make 'ice' a member 'icegrp'.
Restrict user 'ice' to 'www' and 'icegrp' groups.

Create directory: /usr/local/var/log/icecast
Create directory: /usr/local/var/log/ices
Make 'ice' the owner and 'icegrp' the group of both these directories.

create playlist.txt file with full path to each ogg

Copy the following default config files to /etc.

icecast.xml config file notes:
Number of simultaneous clients (users)

Not sure where this password is used.  Can make all passwords the
same if you want.

Admin user & password for logging onto:

Insert your IP address to the world.  For LAN use, use your local IP

OPTIONAL: List directory w/oggs here (should be same dir
w/playlist).  You can listen to any tune on demand w/following
syntax: http://host:8000/tunename.ogg

Change the port if you want (>1024).  8000 is the default for icecast.

OPTIONAL: Path to icecast pid file (file is created on start up)

/* SAFE TO IGNORE - unless you want a dedicated Icecast machine
where you throw the start-up
                    script (below) into boot.local.  That way
Icecast starts up automatically
                    on boot.
Any instance of icecast will change to following user/group if
chroot is 0.

ices-playlist.xml notes:
Path to dir created on line 6

OPTIONAL: Path to ices pid file (file is created on start up)

Add whatever station meta data in between <metadata></metadata> tags

Give full path to playlist.txt file
<param name="file">/media/hdb2/music/playlist.txt</param>

Change this to 1 to randomize songs in playlist.txt
<param name="random">0</param>

This is the IP/hostname where Icecast is running.  Probably should
stay at 'localhost'.

Change the port if you want (>1024).  Probably needs to match what's
in icecast.xml file

Change password

This can be anything.  It'll become the tail of the url (see below
for full listener url)

Ogg's bitrate is re-encoded for stream so that the bitrate is equal
for all songs.  128000 = 128kbps

Mono=1; Stereo=2 (Tip: stereo essentially doubles the bandwidth)


Start server with following (can stick in script with 'sleep 5' in
between the commands):
icecast -c /etc/icecast.xml&
ices /etc/ices-playlist.xml&

Check /usr/local/var/log/icecast/error.log        (I never had
problems here)
Check /usr/local/var/log/ices/ices.log for errors (All my problems
showed up here)

Note: for all urls, replace 'localhost' with what is set in
<hostname> from icecast.xml
urls for user
Webpage for user launch website

Actual url for streaming (Note: .m3u appended to url end for dumb

urls for admin
Server stats

List details about all current listeners (ie., streaming client, ip,

Misc. notes
Add song info via Ogg tags for info to show up during streaming
(XMMS can do this).
Play any song in playlist directly w/following syntax:

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