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D-I Manual -- Status update / Last call to update translations

Joey Hess has made a provisional timeline [1] for RC3 of Debian Installer, 
which is likely to be the one that will release with Sarge.

The deadline for updates to the manual is 2 March !!!!
Note: the timeline is not yet final, so this date may change.

This means that all translations that want to be included on the CDs 
should be up to date at that time. The following languages will in 
principle be included: en cs es fr ja pt_BR.
Possibly de and ru will be added to that list (if space allows).

For most languages the number of files that need to be updated is listed 
on the index page for the manual [2]. This is based on doc-check.
It shows especially the Spanish and Portuguese (BR) translations as 
needing updates!

Future status updates
In line with a recent decision for general D-I translation, future status 
updates for the manual will be made to the debian-i18n mailing list only 
(with CC to debian-boot)!

This to avoid the huge CC list that's used currently.
Translation teams are requested to have at least one person subscribed to 
that list (which is quite low volume).

Recent and planned changes
Recent updates:
- Added note on LVM limitations for powerpc with workaround
- Review and update of chroot installations (appendix/chroot-install.xml)
- Fairly major update of description of package installation in 2nd stage
  after some changes in tasksel (boot-new/modules/packages.xml)
- Loads of minor changes, updates and fixes

There are likely to be some more minor updates to things like links to the 
website and such in the run-up to 2 March. Please try to follow these 

I'm thinking of maybe adding a new section about network-console.

Other major changes will not happen before the builds for RC3.

Manual available from Sarge release pages on Debian website
The Sarge manual is now also published on the official Debian website from 
the Sarge release pages [3] and listed in debian-doc [4].
These builds are done from the Sarge branch which I update from trunk 

Thanks to Frank Lichtenheld for his efforts in making this happen.

Several languages using .po files
A new translation for Portuguese (PT) has been started using .po files. 
The French translation is currently being converted and both the Greek 
and Tagalog translators have expressed interest in using .po files.
Of course Russian translators have been using .po files for some time now.

Currently the use of .po files is not officially supported, but a document 
[5] was added in SVN explaining how to do things manually.
We will try to set up formal support for using .po files, including the 
option to commit the .po files instead of .xml files; automatic updates 
of the .pot and .po files; using the .po files when building the manual; 
translation statistics.

[2] http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/
[3] http://www.debian.org/releases/testing/installmanual
[4] http://www.debian.org/doc/user-manuals#install-sarge
[5] SVN: installer/doc/manual/translations_po.txt

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