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japanese input problems after upgrade


   I upgraded to the latest unstable Debian version two nights ago
corresponding to KDE 3.3. Since that time, I no longer have the
ability to convert/input kanji in most terminal types and
applications. It appears that my .xsession, which sets of the
environment and runs kinput2 is no longer executed but, as the
variable "allow-user-xsession" is enabled, I'm not sure why this
should be so. If I manually run kinput2, I can input/convert
correctly using kterm *only* but still cannot use kanji in firefox,
Eterm, kiten, and etc. I'm guessing that this is because the Japanese
environment hasn't been set up properly when KDE boots, but I could
be wrong of course. Has anyone run into this problem and, if so, does
anyone know how I might fix it? Thanks very much,

    Jesse Goldman

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