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what's up? [Non-Adelphia-C5828249O]


          ** This may be the only response we send you. **

** IMPORTANT: We DO NOT accept reports containing attachments. If you have included an attachment please copy and paste any log or header information into the body of your report and resend. If your report does NOT contain the required information listed below, we will NOT be able to investigate the event and the report will be closed. **

Thank you for writing to Adelphia's Internet Policy Enforcement Team. Every effort is made to follow up on all reports in a timely manner. All complaints are taken seriously and investigated fully.

If you have questions regarding Adelphia's abuse procedures or policies, please visit our website or refer to the tracking number at the top of this message when emailing us. This will help us locate and review your correspondence with us.

To open an investigation on the incident you are reporting, Adelphia requires the following information:

* The body and full extended headers of all E-mail or Usenet messages relevant to your report.  For help with locating the headers of a message, please visit the Security FAQs at http://www.adelphia.com/esafety

* For unauthorized access attempts, a system log in text format that specifies the timestamp, which time zone is used in the report, and the offender's IP address. Also, please include your IP address at the time of the event, if possible.

* For IRC abuse, please contact the moderator of the channel or the server administrator.

If you have not included this information in your initial report, please resend the report, making sure to include the necessary information. If the necessary information is not included in the report you just submitted, Adelphia will not be able to process your report.

**** NOTE: Adelphia does not investigate or forward reports of events that originate outside the Adelphia network. If this event did not originate from the Adelphia network and you wish to pursue the matter, you may wish to contact the person responsible for the incident, or the Internet Service Provider through which the incident occurred.

Some good places to start:

SPAM COMPLAINTS - http://spam.abuse.net or http://spamcop.net

USENET COMPLAINTS - http://www.cybernothing.org/faqs/net-abuse-faq.html 

PROBE ATTEMPTS - http://www.securityfocus.com and http://samspade.org

Also, please be aware that commercially available software provides various options to restrict access to the Internet to or from your computer and you may want to consider use of one of those programs. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

Policy Enforcement Team
Adelphia Communications
E-mail: abuse@adelphia.net 

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