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Re: iMac G3(Early 2001)で、内蔵Ethernetが認識されません。


>>>>> In <406AC91C.1060209@yahoo.co.jp> 
>>>>>	Takushi Fujiwara <naotakasawami@yahoo.co.jp> wrote:
T.Fujiwara> はじめまして。Linux PPCで質問してみたのですが、こちらの方が適切ではない
T.Fujiwara> かといわれたので、報告します。

I'm not sure, but here it's better to talk with English perhaps. If you
would ask something in Japanese, it's better to talk at Debian JP
Project mailinglists, you can find some informations at


Shinichiro HIDA <shinichiro@stained-g.net>

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