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Unicode text editor mined 2000 release 9


                         mined 2000 release 9
                             (March 2004)

Mined was the first text mode editor with Unicode support. 
It now has both extensive Unicode and CJK support offering many 
specific features and covering special cases that other editors 
are not aware of (like auto-detection features and automatic handling 
of terminal variations).
And basically, it is an editor tailored to efficient editing 
of plain text documents and programs, with features and interactive 
behaviour designed for this purpose.

New features in this release:
*	Position stack and return function also work across files 
	(esp. after identifier definition searches using tags file)
*	Smart quotes: auto-detection of quotation marks style on 
	file loading
*	Interactive Latin-1 / UTF-8 conversion support
*	Support for VIM keyboard mapping files

Main enhancements:
(for details see the change log)
*	Compact representation for character set tables and keyboard 
	mapping (input method) tables, reducing size of binary by > 700K.
*	For Japanese encoded text on a UTF-8 terminal, the JIS 
	encodings that map to two Unicode characters are supported.
*	Revised menu names for CJK encodings for better recognition.
*	Character encoding auto-detection enhancements:
	*	Tuned CJK encoding auto-detection.
	*	Tuned CJK vs. ISO 8-bit auto-detection.
	*	Added VISCII auto-detection.
	*	Added Shift-JIS auto-detection.
	*	CJK encodings may be selected (or disabled) to be 
		taken into account for auto-detection.
*	New functions for interactive character encoding conversion 
	(Latin-1 / UTF-8) to partially fix files with mixed encoding.

*	Finer-grained scrollbar in a UTF-8 terminal, using 
	Unicode character cell vertical eighth blocks U+2581..U+2587.
*	Added "paste previous" buffer function to Edit menu.

*	Tuned various file loading functions (including character 
	encoding auto-detection) to speed up startup with large files.

*	Fixed some GB18030 width assumption problems (e.g. with Euro sign).
*	Various display fixes, esp. after replacements with newlines.

Mined overview

	Good interactive features
	* Intuitive user interface
	* Supports various control styles:
	  command control, control-key and function key control, 
	  and mouse control
	* Pull-down menus available

	Versatile character encoding support
	* Extensive Unicode support, including double-width and 
	  combining characters, 
	  support for bidirectional terminals including Arabic ligature 
	  joining (LAM/ALEF), 
	  keyboard mapping and script highlighting
	* East Asian character set support: handling of major CJK 
	  encodings (including GB18030 and full EUC-JP) in either 
	  Unicode terminal or CJK terminal
	* Support of CJK input methods by enhanced keyboard mapping 
	  including multiple choice mappings (handled by a pick list 
	* Auto-detection of text character encoding
	* Auto-detection of UTF-8 / CJK terminal mode and detailed 
	* Encoding support tested with xterm, mlterm, hanterm, cxterm, 
	  linux console

	Many useful text editing capabilites
	* Many text editing features, e.g. paragraph wrapping, 
	  smart quotes (with quotation marks style selection and 
	  multi-line support in search and replacement patterns
	* Multiple paste buffers (emacs-style)
	* Program editing features, HTML support and 
	  syntax highlighting, identifier search
	* Systematic text and file handling safety, avoiding loss of
	* Optional emacs command mode

	Small-footprint operation and portability
	* Plain text mode (terminal) operation
	* Instant start-up
	* Cross-platform operation (Unix: Linux/Sun/HP/BSD/Mac OS X, 
		DOS/Windows with djgcc/cygwin/EMX environments)

More information (with screenshots, feature overview and change log) 
and download are available from the mined web site at

Thomas Wolff

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