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Mozilla and Japanese


I use mozilla-firebird as my main browser, but when comes the time to write 
japanese, i have to lauch galeon, which is a gtk application, so that im-ja 
or canna works. I read that i can compile mozilla-firebird with gtk so that 
im-ja works with it (and it does indeed), but i don t really feel like 
compiling it...
I was then wondering if someone could make a package of mozilla with gtk 
included, so that we could just apt-get it, and input some japanese easily 
(for non Japanese native speakers, as i don t want to use a whole browser 
with unkown kanjis written everywhere yet :P).

And by the way, how can i translate sentences to check them when writing a 
text or a mail, without using a net translator such as world.altavista.com ?
I read there were some dictionnaries, but i don t know if i have to copy paste 
from vi to it, or if it is supposed to be able to work with any text editor 
or else.


Les paroles sinceres sont rarement elegantes
Les paroles elegantes sont rarement sinceres

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