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Japanese printing broken again


Japanese printing (through ghostscript) used to work and now it is
broken again.

I am now using Sid and the following packages:

ii  gs                       7.07-1
ii  gs-cjk-resource          1.20010910-3
ii  gs-common      
ii  gsfonts                  6.0-2.1
ii  cmap-adobe-japan1        0+20030126-4
ii  ttf-kochi-gothic-naga10  1.0.20030809-1
ii  ttf-kochi-mincho-naga10  1.0.20030809-1
ii  defoma                   0.11.5

I print a Japanese mail message in Mozilla and it fails. I print
to a file (mozilla.ps) and look at it through gv. It produces
error messages beginning with

  Error: /undefinedresource in --findresource--
  Operand stack: Ryumin-Light-EUC-H   Font   Ryumin-Light-EUC-H

I update regularly and do not print Japanese very often, so I do
not know exactly where it went wrong.

What to do?

Regards, Jan

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