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vim6 + IM


I'm trying to use vim to input japanese inside a kterm. For what I read
it seems to be possible, but I still haven't found how...
I'm following the multibyte pages of vim :help and I have to say that
using gvim to input japanese it's been quite simple:

LC_CTYPE=ja_JP gvim '+set encoding=euc-jp' '+set imak=S-space' '+set guifontset=-misc-mincho-medium-r-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-jisx0208.1983-*'

For the moment I'm using jvim but I'd like to get rid of colors and all
the advanced features available in vim.

Well, first of all is it possible?
I can easily display japanese characters via the 
vim '+set encoding=euc-jp' <FILE> command, but
vim gives an error trying to set imak=S-space. Suspicious...

somewhere I read that I need to start kterm with the -xim option but
this doesn't change the result.

I'm using sarge and I installed kinput2-canna, cannaserver, almost every
japanese font, lv, gs-cjk-*,... and their dependencies. Actually since I
can use gvim to input kanji it shouldn't be a missing package issue.

some more info:
xrdb -query
*.inputMethod:	kinput2      <--- those should be useless actually
*.preeditType:	OverTheSpot  <---/
*international:	True         <--/
*customization:	-color
Kinput2*CcWnn.ccdef:	ccdef.kinput2.egg
Kinput2*conversionStartKeys:	Shift<Key>space
XLock*logoutButton:	-1
kterm*reverseVideo:	true

relevant environment

有難うございます (correct? :)

anyway thanks for every bit of help you can give


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