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Re: multi-language debian

On Tue, 27 May 2003 09:32:04 +0900 (JST)
Tomohiro KUBOTA <debian@tmail.plala.or.jp> wrote:

> From what do you want to use Japanese input?  Emacs doesn't
> use kinput2 (i.e. XIM protocol) but it connects to canna or
> wnn server directly using some trick (difficult, please use
> language-env to set up your ~/.emacs file).
Thank you very much for your support, 久保田さん.
I already used emacs (wonderful sw!) for inputting japanese. I set it up with canna (although I later discovered emacs was ALREADY capable of writing jap...) some time ago, with almost no problem (setting the things this thread is about has been far harder!); when I want to use it I just have to:
Ctrl+\ japanese-canna <enter>
(where Ctrl+\ stands for M-x set-input-method)
And that's really nice, BUT I couldn't create any ps file, due to unsolved font stuff...
And what's more, I wanted to write jap in e-mail.
By the way, since I set up the jap input for kde, I'm no longer able to write jap in emacs!!! It fails miserably!
So I created a new 'jap' user on my system, setting its kde to be italian/japanese, while my main user is now set back to 'normal' plain italian, whereas I can input japanese within emacs... kinda awkward...
That's where I'm now writing from, in fact.
Moreover, I cannot write any jap in openoffice, although the box containing the kanji does appear; the result is fine WHILE I type it, but gets to a series of ugly squares as soon as I press <enter>...
Still much work to manage...

> Please read documents in language-env package to know about
> XIM server/client and conversion engines server/client.
I'd read it carefully, I'm positive.


Debian 4ever!

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