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Dear Yih,

I am Mr. Christopher Wibers, the assistant area
manager of aleading bank in South Africa.Your details were made
available to me by a close friend that works with the
international trade entre,here in Johannesburg.
My purpose of contacting you is about a transaction we
will like you to assist us in carrying out in my
bank,if you don’t mind getting involved.

The transaction is as follows, a Bolivian
businessman,by name Mr.Stevens B.Poulos who is based
in the United states of America ,deposited ahuge sum
of money in a fixed deposit account with my bank which
maturity date was to be 1st of December
2001,unfortunately . Mr.Stevens B. Poulos died in the 
September 11th bombing of the world trade centre in
New York.He has no next of kin stated when he
deposited this fund and nobody has written or called
atour nk for claims.
My colleagues and I have made all the internal
arrangements to transfer the 
amount in question out of ourbank,but what we don’t
is someone whom we will front as the next of kin to
Mr.Stevens B. Poulos so that we all can claim this
fund instead of allowing it their in his account 
unclaimed,it is based on this that you are being
There is no atom of risk involved in this transaction 
because we have already arranged all the internal and
external banking network 
for this process. Do indicate your interest in going 
into co-operation with us by email,so that I will
advise you on how we can get his actualised

Finally,do treat this information as a confidential
one as I sincerely wait for 
your immediate response.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Christopher wibers.
  PLEASE SEND ALL REPLIES TO: chrismayaki@seznam.cz

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