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Re: mtools and Japanese characters


I recently asked on debian-user (only, because I thought it wasn't
specific to Japanese, but for any language requiring a non-ASCI
character set)

> I have got a dual-boot machine with Debian Woody and the Japanese
> version of MS Windows 98 SE (not for myself), and I thought I could
> use mtools to back up the VFAT partitions in a little script that
> manipulates the archive bit.  (I could not do that by simply mounting
> the VFAT partition, since there is no archive bit in struct stat.)
> The problem is that there are (lots of) files with Japanese characters
> in the file name (including the profiles of people with Japanese
> names).  They appear all as underscores in mtools to me, like this.

The only (private) reply I got, referred me to

> http://www.suse.de/~mfabian/suse-cjk/mounting-vfat.html

which helped me seing Japanese characters in filenames after mounting,
but what I really want is to access the archive bit and the correct
file name at the same time (as well as the contents).

I have started a thread on the upstream list about this and found this
is indeed functionality missing in mtools.  They may want to add it
once they understand the requirements.

Now I have a request.  Could someone with knowledge of Japanese
character encoding (and an interest in getting mtools
Japanese-capable) please check I explained the problem correctly on
that list.  The thread starts with


but the archive is only open to subscribers to that list.  (It is
fairly low traffic with only a couple of messages per month.)  You can
subscribe from the project home page


Feel free to reply there to correct or add to my explanations there.
I greatly appreciate any feedback at all (including private replies).

Thank you so much,
Marco Franzen

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