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Re: kterm problems

You may try to create a new account and use "set-language-env" to set it
on for Japanese. This program is in the "language-env" debian package.

This might be creating some of your config files correctly (tcsh, bash,
emacs, etc.)


On Fri, 27 Dec 2002 20:12:33 +0900 (JST)
Jesse Goldman <goldman@awa.tohoku.ac.jp> wrote:

> Hi,
>      Thanks very much for your response. I've downloaded mlterm and
>      looked at the
> procedure you referenced. I still couldn't enter Japanese text but
> I've noticed that, for some reason, the problem goes away if I switch
> from tcsh to bash. Perhaps one of the shell/configuration files is
> incorrectly written for tcsh. Until I figure out which one, I'll use
> bash. Thanks!
>    Jesse Goldman
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