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some question around gtk2

hello there,  i'm having 2 questions :

first of all, in the file XftConfig can we define different sizes for
fonts ? I'm using this config : 
match any family == "Sans"
	family += "Luxi Sans";
	family =+ "Bitstream Cyberbit";
But, kanjis are a bit much too small compared the ascii chars, and
it makes the kanjis quite hard to read... the best solution would be
relative size, like : size Cyberbit = size Luxi+3. But well, if i could
define the luxi to be set to 8, and cyberbit to 11, that would be ok.
If anyone has a link to a good XftConfig config doc, i'd be glad to
him to share it ^^

And second question, is there a way to use kinput2 in a gnome-terminal ?
Like in vim for example ?


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