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Re: iso-2022-jp in sylpheed


From: Tim Kennard <friezathemaster2002@yahoo.com.au>
Subject: Re: iso-2022-jp in sylpheed
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 10:41:05 +1300

> Thanks, that works perfectly
> But it seems strange, i used to use Kondara and it would show the japanese perfectly when i had the locale set to en_NZ.UTF8, and with default font settings. must be something they changed.

I imagine this is because of Xlib's version.  Debian uses XFree86's one,
while Kondara uses Li18nux's (now renamed to OpenI18N; a subgroup of
FreeStandards Group) one.

  OpenI18N: http://www.openi18n.org

Though I have not tested Li18nux's version, XFree86's version cannot
handle UTF-8 very well yet.

Though I am not an expert on X Window System, I sometimes write patches
for XFree86.  In such cases, I sometimes feel that usefullness for Asians
is sacrificed to achieve usefullness for Europeans.  For example, I wrote
a patch for xterm to enable Japanese (and other non-ISO-8859-1 characters)
without additional configuration other than locale (i.e., to enable Unicode
default fonts besides 8bit default fonts).  However, it was not adopted
because it adds several "resources" to be loaded (i.e., several additional
lines in ~/.Xdefaults) and slows down the start-up of xterm.  I don't know
why such small amount of slow-down (I imagine the time needed to start-up
is less than 101% of the current version) is a problem.  However, it was
judged that one-parcent speed-up is more important than supporting non-
ISO-8859-1 characters without requiring xterm's specific configuration.

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>

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