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cjk-latex font problem

Dear debian-japanese latex users,

When compiling Japanese latex files, cjk-latex can't find the right
font files.  It even chokes on the sample Japanese latex files that
come with the cjk-latex package:

$ latex /usr/share/doc/cjk-latex/examples/SJIS.tex
mktextfm: `mf \mode:=ljfour; mag:=1; nonstopmode; input dmjhira12' failed.
! Font C42/song/m/n/12/hira=dmjhira12 not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not found

After googling I learned that this is an "important" bug in cjk-latex:

The stable, testing, and unstable versions of cjk-latex all produce
the same errors.

Does cjk-latex work for other people?  Anyone have a suggestion?

Yorosiku onegai simasu,


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