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Re: Can you read ja_JP.eucJP created mail

> It works but erasing 2 byte character cause problem.  JVIM fix it.
> JVIM 3.0-j2.1a is one I use

yup. i use whatever is in unstable. it works fine.

> What the hell is onew ??? Is this pan on Japanese word? 

nah, i wasnt sure what the method that jvim was using to handle input
was. when i check the source, there are a few different modes it uses
for input - i'm not sure which is being used by ctrl-o/ctrl-space to start
input when kinput2 is not running. i thought possibly it was onew, but 
possibly i am wrong. i didnt think that jvim could handle input all on its


# PART 2-2: Select Japanese Input System dependend

# generic for FEP Sequence
#FEPOBJS = fepseq.o
# generic for BOW IME control Sequence
#FEPOBJS = fepbow.o

# generic for CANNA input system
FEPLIBS = -lcanna
FEPOBJS = fepcanna.o

# generic for ONEW input system
#FEPLIBS = -lonew -lcanna
#FEPOBJS = feponew.o


  john wood
  systems administrator, gmo inc 

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