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Re: Kinput2 working with kterm, what now?

> Leonardo Boiko wrote:
>  > I managed to get Japanese input under kterm (with kinput2 +
>  > canna), but it is not working in other applications (such as
>  > Mozilla, Gimp etc.).  What I am missing?
> To get a Japanese-capable Mozilla in an otherwise non-Japanese
> environment I use a script in /usr/local/bin:
What about this one (I call it jp_exec):

export LANG=ja_JP.EUC-JP
export LC_ALL=ja_JP.EUC-JP
export LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.EUC-JP
export XMODIFIERS="@im=kinput2"

if [ $1 == Eterm ]; then # Do some auto configuration for Eterm
  CMD="$1 -t auto --trans --itrans --tint 0x333399 --mencoding eucj \
  --input-method kinput2 --preedit-type OverTheSpot"
  exec $CMD $@

exec $@

So I can just type "jp_exec mozilla", or "jp_exec gimp", "jp_exec Eterm
-t custom", etc.
	Leonardo Boiko

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