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Re: Japanese input

In article <20011107131940.A24824@socrates.if.usp.br>
einstein@socrates.if.usp.br writes:

>> 	I could get japanese input to work on my system. Now I have another problem: when I start up yudit to work on an japanese text, it keeps complaining about some (truetype) fonts I don't have. 
>> 	Where could I get them? Most important, where should they go for yudit to find them when it initializes?

Hou about unifont package? I can display Japanese text with it on yudit.

I think mostly Japanese people don't use yudit, use emacs with mule
extension, nvi-m17n or other editors.
NOKUBI Takatsugu
E-mail: knok@daionet.gr.jp
	knok@namazu.org / knok@debian.org

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