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kinput2 and gtk application


I have trouble with kinput, XIM und gtk applications.
I'm using Debian Woody (canna 3.5b2-40, kinput2-canna 3.0-16).

I start kinput2 with "sh -c 'LANG=ja_JP;kinput2-canna -ximp -xim -kinput'
I don't have any problems with kterm (6.2.0-35) or yudit (2.4-2), but
it doesn't work with gjiten or gvim (6.0aw BETA and xim support compiled
The GTK libs have xim support enabled by default (1.2.10-1).
I use XFree 4.1.0-5 and the nvidia-X-server 1.0.1512-1.

My windowmanager ist enlightenment, but my tests with the XFree nvidia
server and fvwm showed, that the problem seems to be independant of X
server or windowmanager.

Can anybody provide me with information, how I get the application to

For now I can use tetex with an UTF8 TeX file (German and Japanese), gvim
can read the file without any character garbage, and I can do copy and
paste between gjiten and gvim.
So, XIM is the last problem.

Thanks a lot for any hints.

Shade and sweet water!


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