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Re: lyx-cjk


>->"Terry" == Terry Hancock <hancock@earthlink.net> writes:

I don't know anything about LyX.


Terry> I wrote a unicode web page with Yudit, which I can see on
Terry> screen, but, so far, printing it (or any Japanese page) from
Terry> Netscape just results in garbage on the printer.  Mozilla fails
Terry> by producing unsupported character blocks instead of Kanji, but
Terry> still isn't readable.  Can Debian be configured to print
Terry> Japanese HTML pages?

Try installing defoma, gs-cjk-resource and the packages it recommends,
this worked for me.

Terry> Sorry for not being able to post in Japanese -- Brown-san and
Terry> Tanaka-san are still discussing cherry blossums and
Terry> Hinamatsuri, even after 23 chapters, so I don't think I'll be
Terry> up to technical talk for awhile yet. ;)

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