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Re: Trip to Japan


At Fri, 10 Aug 2001 19:57:22 +0200,
Roland Mas wrote:
>   My name is Roland Mas, I am a French Debian developer.  I am
> planning a trip to Japan in a few weeks, and even if I mostly go there
> as a vacation, I would like to meet Japanese Debian developers while
> I'm there.  I will be travelling with Thomas Quinot, also a French
> Debian developer.

Good! We'll be very glad to see you.

>   The planned places and dates of my trip are the following:
> 2001-09-20 : Oosaka (Thomas won't be there yet)
> -09-21 to -09-26 : Tokyo and vicinity (Kamakura etc.)
> -09-27 to -10-05 : Kyoto and Kansai (Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima,
>     Kobe, etc.)
> -10-06 to -10-10 : Tokyo and vicinity again (without Thomas).

Well, Katsura Yoshio and Junnichi Uekawa who are Debian official
developers can arrange party for you at near Osaka on 9-28, 29 or 30.

And if you can, how about extending first stay at Tokyo?

Linux Conference 2001 (see detail at http://lc.linux.or.jp/) will
open from 26 September(this day is tutorial day) till 28 September
at Tokyo, and we'll attend the party at this exhibitation on 28
September. Many official/JP Debian developers and other many hackers
will attend this party.
Kenshi Muto

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