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XEmacs Mule : Canna, Wnn, cWnn, kWnn ??? Help, I'm an American building XEmacs for you!

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 Hello.  I don't speak or read a word of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or
 any non-english human language.  (And I hope yous can read english
 alright...  Would someone please translate for those who cannot?
 Thanks.)  I'm hacking on an improvement to the Debian GNU/Linux
 XEmacs packaging setup, using XEmacs-21.2 beta.

 I need assistance with the Mule + <input server> configurations.  I
 cannot test them on my own, and have no way of knowing if the
 configurations I make will even work as advertised.  Also, I don't
 know much about what Canna or Wnn are or how they operate, etc.

 Questions I have are: Should there be one editor binary with both
 Canna and Wnn support, or one for each?  I think that if it's built
 with Wnn, it can't also be built with cWnn or kWnn.  Am I right?

 Best solution is for one of you Debian-Ja developers to assist me
 with creating this packager.  Anyone interested?  I have it set up in
 a CVS repository.  It's far enough evolved right now that it will
 configure and build the binaries, but is not at the point where it
 will create a .deb yet.  View what I have so far at:


 Get XEmacs 21.2 from cvs.xemacs.org (http://cvs.xemacs.org), and

 % ls
 % export CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs@bittersweet.inetarena.com:/var/cvs/debian
 % cvs -z3 login
    <blank password; just press enter>
 % cvs -z3 checkout -d debian.xemacs xemacs/debian
 % cd xemacs && ln -s ../debian.xemacs debian

 If we begin woking together on this, we can set up `ssh' :ext: access
 for greater convenience.

Smarter than a phoo phish am I, soon freed when be I weird.
Hight karlheg, hailing from deB.ORG, am I.  Freed will you be.
mailto:karlheg@debian.org (Karl M. Hegbloom)

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