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At Sat, 30 Sep 2000 17:03:59 +0400,
Alexander Kotelnikov <sacha@softjoys.ru> wrote:

> I asked this at #debianjp irc cannel, but have not got an answer:
> I need your help in english, folks, since I am russian
> I talked to  Wichert Akkerman about vim package and it's troubles with XIM,
> he redirected me to you, because nobody in debian-devel knows, what XIM is 
> and how to run XIM, can you clearify this to me?

hmm, what trouble with XIM?
XIM is X Input Method to input some complex characters such as CJK.

We usually use kinput2 (which is packaged as kinput2-canna, kinput2-wnn
or kinput2-canna-wnn to communicate with canna, wnn respectively.) or
skkinput (different input scheme than canna,wnn) as XIM.

Did you read vim60h/runtime/doc/multibyte.txt ? (which in vim-6.0h-rt.tar.gz)
I think this is a good documentation.

Fumitoshi UKAI

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