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ITP: emacs20-dl and some dl modules for emacs


I intent to package emacs20-dl.
emacs20-dl means emacs20 with Dynamic Loading architecture(dl).
dl will provides by emacs-20.4-dl patch.
About dl, http://www.m17n.org/mule/dynamic-loading/ (In Japanese)

And my package will applied more dirty patches :-)
 [1]. line space patch (from Mule2.3 features)
 [2]. MULE4.1 patch (New feature, form Meadow-1.10)
 [3]. XIM patch (code from XEmacs)
 [4]. fontset patch. (to use multi-byte text in menus and titlebars)

It's difficult to merge with upstream source or already merged in
development version of emacs(Emacs 21 ?).

Well, emacs20-dl package will conflicts, replaces and provides emacs20.
debian-emacsen FLAVOR is emacs20

And I will intent to package some emacs dl modules. 
Modules are dl-wnn, dl-canna and hmac.



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