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a faq ??? and many questions...


I only checked the archive and the debian site, but I could not find a faq
for this list. Is there one ? Sorry if the questions are out of topic (not
specific to debian).

Or maybe you can give me urls where I can start ?

I have a debian 2.1 installed through the cds released with Linux Japan (I
don't remember the issue number).

I found in the book shops books about a japanese environment for linux, and
I checked the linux nihongo page. Maybe all the answers I need are there,
but sometimes it is not crystal clear :-)

Here is problem 1: I can run kon and other stuff in it (like lynx, mc ...)
but at some point it turns out to be not japanese anymore, only lists of
meaningless kanjis.

Now problem 2 (not related to 1): I use mutt as a mail reader, sometimes I
get mails in japanese, sometimes in french, is there an easy way to shift
from an encoding to another ?

And problem 3 (very general): where can I find beginner level info on how
debian (linux) deals with different languages.

Thank you in advance for answering trivial points.


Jean Christophe Helary

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