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ja-trans status


I've uploaded ja-trans to potato a few days ago, which includes Japanese 
message catalogs for some packages, that is fileutils, gettext, glibc2.1.1, 
grep, man-db, net-tools, shellutils, tar, texinfo, textutils, wget.

As I glanced over ja-trans 0.5, current status are:
 translation completed
   fileutils, gettext, man-db, textutils, wget

 still has untranslated entry:
   glibc, grep, net-tools, sh-utils, textinfo

Is this ok? (> especially UNO-san)

If so, I'd like to submit wishlist for inclusion Japanese message
catalog to fileutils, gettext, man-db, textutils, wget and when
we got Japanese catalog in the right package, I'll remove it
from ja-trans.  

Maybe, it might take some time from inclusion to original package until 
removal from ja-trans, (of course I'll do it ASAP :),  so I think 
it better that original package has Replaces: ja-trans just to replace 
ja/*.mo files in the ja-trans in order to upgrade smoothly without 
--force-overwrite.  Any opinion about it?

For glibc, grep, net-tools, sh-utils, texinfo, these have not yet
done yet, so I'll wait it being maintain it in ja-trans package until
all translated for each package.

Fumitoshi UKAI

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