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Re: systemd-free debian based

Marco Bertorello writes:
 > Ciao *
 > ho notato ora che anche in debian wheezy (stable) è stato introdotto
 > il famigerato systemd:
 > https://packages.debian.org/wheezy/systemd

Mitico! Non risolvo i problemi di installazione di Skype allora, così
è sicuro che non apt-entra nel mio pc.

Comunque dalla lista internazionale

From: The Wanderer <wanderer@fastmail.fm>

On 09/17/2014 at 04:13 AM, Joel Rees wrote:

> Guys we've got better things to do than get sucked into this kind
> of quibbling.
> Steve's working on alternatives to debian+systemd.* and I'm trying 
> to figure out what useful function systemd and friends really
> perform so that we can make something that the developers can use
> instead. Steve seems to be having more success than I.
> (It looks like dbus was one of the wedges, and that stupid logging 
> daemon, but there's another one or two hiding somewhere. The
> wrecking crew have left us a lot of work, poisoning the well to
> make systemd appear essential.)

So far as I'm aware, the key other component appears to be handling
cgroups (AKA control groups), which is a relatively recent Linux kernel
feature that provides some nice process-management possibilities but
isn't available for (pretty much) any other OS. Or at least any
free/Free one.

There's now a separate 'cgmanager' package which provides a program
designed to handle cgroups separately from systemd, and there's code in
systemd-shim to hook in to cgmanager from the places where software
which expects the systemd implementation will be looking for cgroups
support. But that may well not be enough to satisfy all use cases, and
there do still seem to be bugs in some circumstances; help on that,
upstream, is probably welcome.

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