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Re: Domanda su repository

giovedì 15 settembre 2011, alle 17:29, Walter Valenti scrive:

> Sarà il caldo (29 °C), sarà che sono rinco, ma non ho capito il
> senso del "repository": "wheezy-proposed-updates" per testing

The testing distribution is fed with packages from unstable according
to the rules explained above. However, in some cases, it is necessary
to upload packages built only for testing. For that, you may want to
upload to testing-proposed-updates.

Keep in mind that packages uploaded there are not automatically
processed, they have to go through the hands of the release manager.
So you'd better have a good reason to upload there. In order to know
what a good reason is in the release managers' eyes, you should read
the instructions that they regularly give on

You should not upload to testing-proposed-updates when you can update
your packages through unstable. If you can't (for example because you
have a newer development version in unstable), you may use this
facility, but it is recommended that you ask for authorization from
the release manager first. Even if a package is frozen, updates
through unstable are possible, if the upload via unstable does not
pull in any new dependencies.

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Gabriele :-)

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