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NIS Problem

I have two Debian machine that join into a NIS domain(a redhat server)
i make apt-get install nis on two debian.
Configured ypserver in yp.conf and defaultdomain to the same value and
add the nis host to /etc/hosts
One join and work correctly the other no...

Test 1: domainname
Configured domainname is "domain.com"

Test 2: ypbind
can't yp_bind: Reason: Dominio non collegato

ypbind -f /etc/yp.conf -debug
20350: parsing config file
20350: Trying entry: ypserver serverquarantena
20350: parsed ypserver serverquarantena
20350: add_server() domain: domain.com, host: serverquarantena, slot: 0
20350: [Welcome to ypbind-mt, version 1.20.1]

20350: ping interval is 20 seconds

20352: NetworkManager is not running.

process 20350: Applications must not close shared connections - see
dbus_connection_close() docs. This is a bug in the application.
20352: Assuming online mode

20353: ping host 'serverquarantena', domain 'domain.com'
20353: host 'serverquarantena' doesn't answer.

On redhat server if i do tcpdump host myipserver
i haven't packet trasmission. But it's not a network problem because
the server is on the same switch and other protocol work correctly.

I make apt-get --reinstall nis and dpk-reconfigure nis but not change
the situation...

Suggestions? :)

Linux, Windows Xp ed MS-DOS
(anche conosciuti come il Bello, il Brutto ed il Cattivo).
-- Matt Welsh

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