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Re: crontab x trasformare ps in pdf

Il 16/04/08, iclam contabilita<giuseppe@iclam.it> ha scritto:
>  Oppure c'e' qualche altro programma che puo' rilevare la presenza di nuovi
> files in una directory?

forse ti puo' essere utile: da 'apt-cache search directory changes' ho
notato dnotify, da 'apt-cache show dnotify':

Description: Execute a command when the contents of a directory change
 dnotify is a simple program based on Linux kernel 2.4.19+'s dnotify
 API. dnotify can execute a specified command each time the content
 of a specific directory changes. It is run from the command line and
 takes two arguments: one or more directories to monitor and a command
 to execute whenever a directory has changed. Options control what
 events to trigger on: when a file was read in the directory, when one
 was created, deleted and so on.

Michele Dallachiesa 'xenion' http://xenion.antifork.org
Antifork Research, Inc.

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