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My3DCrystal - Affiliate

Please take note that this letter is NOT a SPAM. I would like to take 
this opportunity to invite you to become our affiliate. After reviewing 
your website, I concluded that your website visitors could be potential 
customers. By you becoming a My3DCrystal affiliate, you can enjoy these 

* EARN 25% for every sale you refer!
* EARN EXTRA 10% of your recruits' per-sale commission
* FREE access to effective banners
* FREE website templates
* FREE newsletter tips & forum access
* Coupon codes for your site visitors
* Our average order size is around $50-$150

How it works: By becoming an affiliate, you will be assigned a special 
ID number and a link/banner to place in your site. If your visitor sees 
the link/banner, clicks it, and makes a purchase - We will give you or 
your organization 25% of the amount the customer purchased. Your 
commission checks will be sent to you in the mail. One of our affiliates can 
generate around $200 per day. This is a good chance to make your 
website work for you.

This program does not cost you anything. All we ask for in exchange for 
your commission is to place our link/banner in your website. If you are 
interested, please visit our affiliate sign-up site: 


You can also preview our banners at:


I thank you for your time. If there's any questions or comments please 
don't hesitate to email or call me. Thank you.

Eric C.
My3DCrystal Affiliate Manager
Tel: (626)-454-4151

If you wish to not receive my emails, just reply REMOVE.

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