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Re: Debian user map of #debian.de

On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 09:56:28PM +0200, Ivo Marino wrote:
> How complicated would such a thing[1] be for the Italian Debian
> community? -- Any instructions from the creators on how to trace?

Not complicated at all. The map is a static image created by ircmarkers
(apt-cache show..). Input files are an image file for the map background
and a list of coordinates with names (and pgp key IDs), e.g.

| 50.7707 6.0652 "youam" gpg 2A58CEAA52698E9F gpg D685387057DEA9A3

(In fact I'm keeping most of the entries to the #debian.de map in an
vcard address book and generate ircmarker's input file)

The lines shown in the map are key signings; grey is one-way, orange is
are signs in both ways.

The image-file I'm using is cropped from the Blue Marble image available
on http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/view_rec.php?vev1id=11656 

At the moment I've not yet worked on automating the creation of new
users or updating of the web of trust etc. The map gets created by a
simple script which
  *) filters my vcard collection for entries
  *) calls ircmarkers to create the map
  *) uploads the generated image to my web space.
You could easily copy this. 

Or you could kick me to write a small frontend for the map stuff and let
me host it for you. I'd happily do this if I see demand for it.


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