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Re: Rilascio di Sarge spostato al 6 giugno

> E' quanto leggo su http://www.debian.org/releases (guardate subito
> sotto 'Index of releases')
> Qualcuno ne sa di più?

Non so cosa tu voglia sapere, ma ti copia/incollo quanto scritto da
Andreas Barth su debian-devel-ann qualche giorno fa (il testo completo
della mail e' disponibile qui


So the remaining (very short) timeline looks like this:

 27 May 2005 (that's today)
 ~50 RC bugs (~30 w/o security)
 Permanent Bug Squashing Party

Since the start of the freeze, there have been a couple of rounds of new
RC bugs filed, the result of which is still being cleaned up.  So, the
official RC bug markers have not gone down as far as wanted, but we are
making great process towards release.  Just a few more bugs to go!

A large fraction of these bugs (ten or so) are bugs about kernel-patch
packages that don't apply to sarge kernels, and should be removed
shortly.  The rest of the bugs also need to be addressed in short order,
by removals or fixes; as well as various behind-the-scenes bugs that are
closed but the fixes have not quite yet reached sarge.

 1 June 2005
 ~15 RC bugs (excluding security bugs)
 0 RC bugs not tagged "sarge"

As before, being able to hold to this schedule depends heavily on a
steadily dropping RC bug count, so if that isn't happening, the timeline
will have to be tweaked accordingly.  Security bugs will, however, not
figure into this count for the most part because they can and will be
fixed post-release.

 3 June 2005
 0 RC bugs

Any remaining release-critical bugs will be fixed through uploads to
testing-proposed-updates or by removals from sarge.

With a final cut of the installer in the bag and the effective RC count
down to zero, it's time to finalize the installation manual and release
notes and to create official CD images.

 6 June 2005

And a little time passes, the CD team and the FTP team take a few
minutes out of their relaxing weekends to wave their magic wands, and
if the incantation works right, we'll have a shiny new release on


Sandro Tosi (aka Morpheus, matrixhasu)
My (little) site: http://matrixhasu.altervista.org/index.html

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