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Re: OO.o segfaults

Marcin Dębicki wrote:

>v0n0 kiedys napisal:
>>After last update I get this error when trying to run OpenOffice
>>(without chroot, with ia32libs)
>>/usr/bin/ooconfigimport: line 11:  4025 Segmentation fault
>>/usr/lib/openoffice${VER}/program/"$progname" "$@"
>>/usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice: line 232:  4036 Segmentation
>>fault      "${sd_prog}"/pagein -L"${sd_prog}" ${sd_pagein_args}
>>Segmentation fault
>Read other posts. You are not alone;)
Sorry, but I sent my question before downloading new mails! (damned 56k!!!)

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