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[ot] - unaids e microsoft

Ho ottenuto una piccola simbolica vittoria a favore dell'accessibilita`.  

From: "webmaster" 
To: "Nomine Mutato" 
Subject: RE: unaids.org - non microsoft problem
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 15:32:46 +0100

 Dear Nomine Mutato,

 Thank you for your email highlighting the problem with our website in
 the Mozilla browser. 

 We are aware of this problem with our website and we shall endeavour to
 solve it in the next version of the UNAIDS website so that unaids.org is
 fully cross-browser compatible.

 Best wishes,

 -----Original Message-----
 From: Nomine Mutato
 Sent: Tuesday, 14 December, 2004 00:31
 To: webmaster
 Subject: unaids.org - non microsoft problem

 I'm using Mozilla Browser on Debian GNU/Linux and UNAIDS web site is
 unreadable with my sistem! For example select list don't work!

 This is correct code:

 <select name="foo" id="bar">
 <option value="foo">bar</option>

 not this:

 <script language="javascript">
 addNewItem("[Select a topic]","no_theme",1);

 See more on http://www.w3c.org

 AIDS/HIV is a world problem, not reserved for Microsoft users.

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