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Re: Fwd: [(fwd) Shrink your HFS and HFS+ partition with GNU Parted]

lo sto scaricando!! Grazie veramente!!


> u want to test it, you should _save your important data_ because this is still work in progress (and because you should always save your important data with this kind of tool anyway). You should run Mac SOS Disk before and after shrinking your partition too. And last but not the least, you should report any bug (and even success if you like) to me, including messages of SOS Disk. Also instead of using the exact url above check if there isn't a newer patch on my website, for example : http://xilun666.free.fr/parted-1.6.5-hfs-8.patch
> > You might want to use the last Gentoo Live RC developpeur to build it if you have no installed linux on your Mac ; it includes a working GCC :
> > 
> > http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/gentoo/experimental/ppc/livecd/developer/gentoo-ppc-1.4_rc6-120403.iso
> > 
> > Good tests !

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